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The Submarine Operational And Research Environmental Database (SOARED)

SOARED is comprised of a fixed relational environmental database using unclassified data collected during the Science Ice Exercises (SCICEX) during the past several years. This project is part of a demonstration system that is designed to allow a U.S. Navy submarine to store and retrieve own-ship, historical, and gridded environmental data in a high-speed, easily accessible, relational database to be housed on a carry-on/carry-off laptop computer.

The intent of SOARED is to provide operator familiarization with the database portion of the proposed FAST TACTical Integration Console (FAST TACTIC). We also want to gather operator comments as to the usefulness of various user interface features that could be included in the follow-on operational system.

Summary of SOARED Interface Features

The SOARED graphical user interface (GUI) is designed to facilitate access to the underlying database using simple mouse operations (Point, Click, and Drag). For example, defining a region is quickly and easily accomplished by using the "click and drag" technique. Additionally, various data display options are available by simply clicking a checkbox option. For example, by selecting the PLOTS option, a color-coded X-Y plot is automatically displayed on the screen.

When displaying multiple data parameters at once, each parameter can be removed from and returned to view by simply clicking on a toggle key. Similarly, individual depth profiles or along-track data segments can be highlighted using the mouse: this capability allows one to quickly identify data and associated regions of special interest, such as thin or no ice cover locations.

For more detailed information, download the SOARED Descriptive Brief (2.8 mb Powerpoint File - updated 5/8/00)

SOARED Functional Capabilities Include:

An interactive world map of coastlines which provides the ability to zoom, scroll or center on a latitude/longitude position.

Display latitude and longitude position of the mouse pointer over the map.

Display shortest-distance range between mouse clicks on the map.

Interactive or manual selection of the query area (e.g., using the mouse or the keyboard).

Query multiple data parameters at once.

Display data locations as symbols on the map.

Ability to edit the symbols used to represent data on the map.

Color-coded data symbols represent the season or month that the data was collected.

Editing colors used to represent seasons or months.

Ability to toggle the visibility of the data symbols by data parameter, season, or month.

Plot all data for a specific data parameter on an X/Y plot in the season or month colors of the map.

Plot only the data currently visible on the map for a specific data parameter.

Plot every nth data point for a specific data parameter.

Highligh data symbol(s) on the map, which highlights the corresponding curve on the X/Y plot.

Ability to plot specifically selected (highlighted) data within a visible data set.

Display the X/Y data values of the mouse pointer of the X/Y plot.

Format the X/Y plot minimum and maximum axis values by entering values or interactively selecting axis bounds on the X/Y plot.

Format the X/Y plot gridline increments.

Plot the data as lines or points.

Edit the background, gridline, or text color of the X/Y plot.

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